Crystal mosaic

 Crystal mosaic is a new type of environmentally friendly space accessories. Its texture is hard, does not fall off does not deform, does not seep, the effect is lasting. Good moisture-proof performance, convenient construction, the role of insulation wall.

 Crystal mosaic will become a popular trend, because it is better than the traditional mosaic, such as ceramic mosaic when making easy deformation, can not guarantee the color and texture, and stone mosaic can not be copied. The resin mosaic is vivid in imitation of metal wood wallpaper striae wove, can achieve the effect of real ones. Shape is irregular, concave and convex, he can show the rich patterns, in order to achieve the performance of other materials difficult to express the artistic effect.

 Appearance: crystal clear, three-dimensional sense of strong, bright colors, novel and beautiful.

 Advantages: the use of environmentally friendly materials, viscous strong. High temperature 80 degrees, low temperature -30 degree of plastic strip will not deformation. It is easy to paste in the plane and cambered product produced on the stereo effect. It can reduce the noise and the impact of anti-skid protection.
Stick finish: paint the walls, glass, stainless steel, glass brick, acrylic board, board face, cement wall, steel aluminum plate... Etc....
Use scope: swimming pool, toilet, kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, study room, aisle porch, kindergarten, bars, theaters, barber shops, hotels, KTV, multi-function hall, conference room, gymnasium, skating rink, garden club, attic... Etc....

 Uses: interior decoration, ceiling decoration, children play local protection.