History of mosaic
1, mosaic with environmental protection
The mosaic has the environmental protection shell mosaic, the jade mosaic, the resin mosaic, does not add any harmful substance in the processing process. In today's pursuit of environmental protection and the pursuit of nature, to meet the people's environmental protection concept.

2, crystal mosaic with strong decorative
With the form of the mosaic puzzle to strengthen the decorative mosaic material is very rich and color changes, it is from the traditional small stone gradually evolved into the shell, ceramic tile, metal, glass, resin and other materials as raw materials. Mosaic can be the material itself temperament, sentiment most incisive interpretation, in the decoration of the interior space, the material can be decorated do other decoration materials, can also be used as a large mosaic backdrop; gradient color mosaic tiles can be used, also can be arranged in a variety of geometry. Mosaic with a wealth of patterns to give people a shock, aesthetic, home furnishing space for a new feeling.

3, crystal mosaic with long life characteristics
The mosaic blocks are spliced, forming the adaptive ability to have more advantages than other decoration materials, it is possible to mosaic can experience unchanged for many years, the era of ancient Rome into our modern life, and it's wonderful to bloom.

4, crystal mosaic with security
Mosaic has a good anti slip, wear resistance so that mosaic is widely used in the bath center, swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom and other places of high demand for non slip, compared to other materials, non slip and beautiful.

5, crystal mosaic with personalization
Let love DIY mosaic fashion trendsetter can have more creative display space, but not limited to the kitchen and bathroom in resin mosaic, use it as a TV backdrop, the living room wall and indoor decoration on the background, will have different effect. The natural beauty embodied in mosaic art is more easily accepted by people.